Are there distribution, retail, or food service opportunities available through Sicilian Village?

Absolutely. Contact us by phone or online, and we’ll respond within 1 business day with more information.

What chemicals are used in your curing and preparation process?

None. While many olive producers take shortcuts and utilize chemicals to speed up the curing process, we believe that good things take time. Our Sicilian olives are carefully picked, then cured naturally in salt to allow the flavors to fully develop. Then, our olives are marinated slowly and infused with the seasonings of a generations-old recipe.

What kinds of olives do you sell?

Our olives are Sicilian marinated, and we offer both green olives as well as a combination of green and black olives.

What packaging sizes do you offer your olives in?

Both varieties of olives are sold in snack sized 1.7- ounce packages, as well as resealable 7- ounce and 12-ounce packages.

Are the olives Kosher?

Yes, our Sicilian olives are Kosher.

What if I don’t like the olives or have a problem?

We take customer service seriously at Sicilian Village. If there is an issue with your order, or if you have a question, contact us by phone or online. The vast majority of our clients adore our olives, but in the unlikely event that they aren’t to your liking, contact us and return the unused portion with your reason. We’ll refund the original cost of the product. Return shipping costs are non-refundable.