Sicilian Village Marinated Sicilian Green Olives, 7 oz.


Product Description

Transport yourself to the Sicilian countryside with our marinated Sicilian green olives!


  • Top-Rated® Ecommerce timeliness, experience, and value
  • Zesty, heart-healthy snack
  • Ready to eat upon arrival
  • A tasty addition to salads, seafood, pizzas, and more!

Replicating the taste of Sicily’s marinated olives is no easy task, but we’re proud to say that we’ve done it. Sicilian Village is proud to be a Top-Rated® Ecommerce business that’s perfected the art of salt-cured olives. Our marinated Sicilian green olives are perfect for an easy appetizer and pair well with your favorite wine.

Sicilian Village is committed to providing each of our customers with exceptional customer service. Contact our olive store today with questions or comments!

What’s included:

  • One, 7-ounce package of marinated Sicilian green olives
  • Total weight: 0.4 lbs
Ingredients: Sicilian green olives, wine vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, Italian spices and salt.

Our Sicilian olives are gluten-free, Kosher certified, free of preservatives, and produced within the United States.